I Pledge Allegiance to the Protection of our Mother Planet, the Earth,
and to the Environment in which we live, one Global Home,

Indivisible, with unspoiled water, unpolluted air,
and protected natural resources for All Life!


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robert balder Welcome to Operation Earth Pledge

The Late Canadian Poet and Essayist, Godfrey John, a dear friend and personal mentor in countless ways, once wrote: "Dreams are for waking out of, Visions are for waking into!"

I am reminded of Godfrey's vision every time I think about OPERATION EARTH PLEDGE, the vision that literally introduced itself to me about 28 years ago, popping into my head, in its complete entirety and raring to go, in the following variation of our American Pledge of Allegiance:

"I pledge allegiance to the Protection of our Mother Planet the Earth, and to the environment in which we live, One Global Home, indivisible, with unspoiled water, unpolluted air and protected natural resources, for All Life."

And no sooner did this pledge introduce itself to me, than came its mission and job: namely, to offer, provide or invite students or visitors of all ages, attendees to all games or sporting events, ticket holders to all concerts, rock and classical, to begin their day's, night's or afternoon's activity, with the audible repetition of this pledge to ourselves, namely: to keep the charge and responsibilities that only our species may muster as the only sentient stewards and caregivers to, of, and for, our one and only home named Earth.

flag Now, all I needed was a flag! So....and an hour later, the flag also was kind enough to design itself in my thought, next to appear on paper, and finally, (three hours later), with construction paper in hand, and standing before a Xerox machine at Kinkos, I witnessed the Flag as it was fully delivered designed and revealed! Thank you Pledge, and thank you Flag!

I am still waking into this vision, Operation Earth Pledge's vision, 28 years later, and am still persisting in following the unfolding of this idea, in between, that is, working my "14 hour a day, day job",( got to pay the mortgage), pursuing an acting career, and maintaining my art and photographic passions and projects. With all this said, it may not be a surprise to learn that I must also consciously remind myself to make some time each day, to: "smell the roses". As I don't actually have roses, I simply transform this duty into a few minutes of visual and audible communing with my dozen or so "red ear sliders" (large turtles) and 18 year old Koi fish, thus returning a certain sense of balance and peace to an other wise extremely hectic week-day, week!

As I find the time and finances to incorporate Operation Earth Pledge into a fully totally legally binding non-profit organization, so shall this vital, "next" step take place!

Any suggestions, help, and or guidance you may have along these points, are gratefully received and welcomed my me!

So thank you for your patience. Please send all ideas and thoughts and suggestions my way to: or call 310.592.1629.

Both the Pledge and the Flag are copyrighted, however I fully give permission to reproduce the Flag and pledge, as it appears here for public reciting purposes, but please do not reproduce the image of the flag, or the pledge itself, on articles of clothing, or coffee mugs, or hats, without permission. These are ideas I can 'envision' taking place in the near future, and as powerful possible revenue raising avenues for Operation Earth Pledge's ongoing purposes and plans!

I would only additionally ask, if you choose to recite the pledge publicly, that you mention the authors name, (me), as this will help define the pledge's ownership, and possibly help direct them to this site! And if and when you do, please drop me a note so we (right now I) can start making an historical "record" of the Pledge's Progress!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here, to meet Operation Earth Pledge, even as you ponder your own invitation, your own unique "vision", towards waking into new and creative ways to preserve protect and defend Our Dear Mother Earth!

My favorite words in the Pledge are, undeniably, the last two; "ALL LIFE " only to be followed ever so closely by ... " our Mother Planet the Earth ".

I believe all life is sacred, all creativity is from the same source, and that like every number in the infinitude of calculus, so are each one of us just as helplessly unique and equally important! (Can you imagine what would happen if just one number, or fraction of a number, could be lost or removed or destroyed?; nothing...except... the complete and total collapse of mathematics itself !) Thats how important and unique you and I are...along with those little grubs... under that that empty abandoned parking lot...right down your street!

So my infinitely special and intelligent Sister / Brother, I so look forward to hearing from you, and learning of your new and brillant suggestions of how to employ Operation Earth Pledge more effectively , or how we may inspire our brothers and sisters to wake into their own visions, namely, to Love our Earth more sincerely, every day!

Can't wait to hear of your visions... can't wait to hear from you!

All the best!

Robert Allen Balder, Author of The Pledge of Allegiance to our Mother Planet the Earth and Protection of our Mother Planet the


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